Miller of Mansfield, exterior

The Miller of Mansfield

Leaving London for the countryside on a Friday is a particular pleasure for the overworked and stressed. Add in the rare occurrence of a child-free weekend in an eighteenth century coaching inn with log fires and a tasting menu, and one has a perfect recipe for relaxation. Waving the teenagers goodbye – they chose not to accompany my husband and
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The Frog, London

Tasting Menu at The Frog

I ate many wonderful things at The Frog, yet my abiding memory is a simple one: chicken butter. Yep, something so obviously wonderous that one could happily make a meal of it. At home I would do just that.  The restaurant is so confident about it that it serves bread and butter as a course. A course, mind you, not
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Cuttlefish and Pigs trotter, Taberna do Mercado

Portuguese cuisine showcased at Taberna do Mercado

Showcasing Portuguese fish at Taberna do Mercado in Spitalfields Market was an inspired idea – marrying the best fish in the world (according to Ferran Adria) with Nuno Mendes, one of the top exponents of Portuguese cuisine. Promoting the new Portuguese Fish Route, APTECE (Portuguese Culinary Tourism and Economy Association) treated food and travel media to a presentation dinner showcasing
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Cakes, Dukes, London

Dukes Afternoon Tea

The few days prior to taking a holiday are the worst hours of the year at work. There is always far too much to tie up before leaving the desk for two weeks; it is a stressful time. When Fiona Maclean of London Unattached invited me to join her for afternoon tea at Dukes Hotel on my penultimate work day, it could
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Higgidy picnic

Summer Picnic with Higgidy

The hot summer weather has finally arrived and picnics are on my mind. The world, however, seems in turmoil. In solidarity with France, I decided to have a picnic with my favourite country in mind. This seemed especially appropriate celebrating the new Higgidy range of quiches. Although these are deliciously British, quiche always puts me in mind of French holidays.
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Scottish Scallop with XO Sauce

Getting Saucy at Chinese Food Tasting

The best food tasting events are those where one emerges wiser and more knowledgeable as well as having enjoyed a jolly good lunch. A Chinese food tasting lunch, hosted by Lee Kum Kee Sauces at the Grand Imperial restaurant in the Grosvenor Hotel, satisfied all these criteria and more. The occasion was provided by the visit to London by Charlie
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Dalloway Terrace exterior

Spring Oasis at Dalloway Terrace

Having been in bed for days with a cold, I ventured out gingerly to meet Fiona Maclean from London Unattached for lunch at Dalloway Terrace. Housed in The Bloomsbury, copies of Virginia Woolf’s novel, from which the restaurant takes its name, were on hand. As a long term groupie of the Bloomsbury set, I was quite happy to sit in
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Hakkasan Mayfair, interior

Celebrate Chinese New Year at Hakkasan Mayfair

Hakkasan Mayfair is an elegant restaurant. The seating, the ambiance, the staff and, above all, the food. It presents a modern, Cantonese cuisine which earned the restaurant a Michelin star in 2011. Invited to review the Chinese New Year signature menu, I shared a leisurely few hours enjoying lunch with Simon Narracott from London Unattached. This limited edition menu, created
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Hutong Shard decor (kitchen journeys)

Hutong – Room With A View

As the waiter at Hutong showed us to a window seat my heart skipped a beat. On a clear, sunny day, 33 floors up above London in The Shard, there can surely be no more thrilling table for lunch.We were so delighted with our surroundings that we would have been happy with a sandwich. But Hutong is not just a
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Fireside Tea at Brown's Hotel, Mayfair

Afternoon Tea at Brown’s Hotel, Mayfair

Is there a finer way to while away a rainy London day than seated at the fireside in The English Tea Room at Brown’s Hotel, Mayfair? Comfy in a beautifully upholstered wing back chair, I settled back to listen to the pianist tinkling away on a baby grand a few feet away. All felt well in our troubled world. The
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