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Appetite for Amsterdam

In Amsterdam sightseeing and eating jostle for pole position. We attend to both needs by pairing the museum we plan to visit with a local eating experience we don’t want to miss. This approach provides us with a daily cultural and culinary fix. Every city has plenty to offer diners without budgets to consider. However, one often has to do
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The Potato Eaters

The Mannekin Pis may be a cultural symbol of Brussels, but in Amsterdam it is a chip outlet that purports to sell the best frites in Holland. No visitor to Amsterdam can fail to notice the proliferation of chip shops and stalls. Long queues form at all hours in front of the most popular. The choice of small, medium or
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We’ll Always Have Paris

‘We’ll always have Paris’ drawled Humphrey Bogart to Ingrid Bergman in the closing moments of Casablanca. I have always believed this to be true, especially as I have long nurtured the fantasy of a second life in that city. As each decade has passed so my plans have evolved from being a Parisian chef (my 20’s), to pursuing the day
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