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Soup Glorious Soup

Singapore, Cuba, Mexico, Goa, Bangalore, Thailand – the list of Glorious City-inspired soups reads like a map of my road not yet travelled. A world of exotic excursions beyond my reach.  Yet the power of food to transport, to travel through my taste buds, makes any destination just a meal away. Which new adventure will be on my table tonight?

Bhel Puri, Inito

While delicate bubbles appear on the surface of my pot of Glorious Lentil and Chickpea soup, I am landing in Mumbai. As I breathe in the heady fragrance swirling in the steam from my earthenware bowl, I am walking through the spice market. Towering pyramids of colour beguile while the aroma of star anise, cumin and cardamom intoxicate. The vendors call out to attract my attention but my eyes are drawn to the curtains of dried chillies, the darting of a small boy running an errand.

Chicken curry, Inito

Mumbai – the very word tastes good in the mouth. A city of contrasts, of conflicts, of ancient beauty coupled with the challenges of modernity. Mumbai – a city of flavours as vibrant as a rainbow of saris. Mumbai – where the spice road meets the sea.

Chaat, Inito

Street food capital of the world, Mumbai, I want to savour your chaat. I long for the crisp puff of a pani puri. I yearn to break open a spicy dosa. And when the curries and the rotis have been cleared away, a pistachio kulfi sprinkled with chopped nuts will herald the end of another spectacular meal.

Oh, Mumbai, city of tamarind and turmeric. I am nostalgic for you before we have met. I know I will not forget you. You are the enchantress, Salome with her seven veils. You beckon to me from far across the waters, a culture so remote from my own, you will change my vision and widen my horizon.

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