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Summer Picnic with Higgidy

The hot summer weather has finally arrived and picnics are on my mind. The world, however, seems in turmoil. In solidarity with France, I decided to have a picnic with my favourite country in mind. This seemed especially appropriate celebrating the new Higgidy range of quiches. Although these are deliciously British, quiche always puts me in mind of French holidays.

French style picnic with Higgidy

No sooner had I put out a platter of tempting Little Ham Hock & Petit Pois Quiche than a guest arrived and exclaimed : ‘A new product from Higgidy!’ Turned out he is a fan of Higgidy pies and was delighted to discover these delicious quiches. His smile grew even broader when I brought out a tray of Higgidy Feta and Red Pepper Veggie Rolls.

What I particularly like about these new products is that they look so enticing. To my mind, the pleasure of eating is so much about enjoying the look of the food. The ham and pea quiche has a crumb topping mixed with mustard and turmeric which gives it a gorgeous yellow colour, perfect for summer eating. It is packed with tasty filling.

Higgidy Ham and Petit Pois Quiche

The feta and red pepper rolls just sing of the Mediterranean. I love the bite sized shape which just begs to be picked up and is especially tempting to young members of the party who like to run around during a picnic.

Higgidy Feta and Red Pepper Rolls

These can be held in hand while children buzz about. It won’t be long before they return to the picnic blanket for a refill.